We are Modern Brick Haus

We believe home decor should make you happy. Modern Brick Haus exists to design brick building kits that bring joy to the modern spaces we live in.

Aesthetic Home Decor

Bring your space together with unique objects that inspire creativity. Add your personality with original home decor that makes you happy.

Take a Break and Disconnect

Building with bricks is a therapeutic way to disconnect and decompress from your normal day to day. Enjoy a meditative mental exercise while improving your focus, creativity and attention to detail.

Experience Modern Bricks

There are times we all go on our social media and burn hours on end that we'll never get back. The time spent building with modern bricks you will appreciate when you have something to show for it. Your friends friends will appreciate it when they see it in your space.

What We Do
Our Quality Promise

We stand by the quality of the builds we offer. Each product has been built and tested by our team. If a build does not meet our high standards we don't list it. Simple as that! IF you do happen to need support, please send us a message. We have a 100% guarentee to make it right.

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