Frequently Asked Questions

We provide digital instructions for the Moss Garden and Flower Addon sets. All Moss Garden instructions are designed by Modern Brick Haus.

If you ever need help and cant figure out what went wrong, message us at for help!

Other items not designed by Modern Brick Haus come with physical instructions

We pride ourselves on great customer service. Please email us at with your issue and we will fix it. All purchases have our make it right guarantee.

We spend lots of time quality checking our product to ensure you never have missing pieces. Sometimes it happens! Just let us know and we will send you replacement pieces.

It is common even for us who have been building sets a long time to miss a piece that is actually in our pile. Double check to make sure your piece isn't flipped upside down, stuck in other pieces, or lost on the floor. Many times we find this is where they have been hiding!

We do ship internationally! We do our best to provide discounted shipping costs for all orders outside of North America.

International shipping outside of the USA is subject to import fees and taxes by the local government. Depending on your home country a customs tax may be applied in addition to your shipping cost as they are the customers responsibility

We are not a supplier of official LEGO® bricks.

Our designer, a LEGO® enthusiast since he was a child, understands the need for quality bricks. In order to have customized colors outside of the traditional LEGO® offering, we had to find alternative suppliers. All bricks have been quality tested and approved to provide the highest quality bricks we can supply.

If true LEGO® bricks are the bricks you looking for, we offer commissioned artwork that can be made with 100% LEGO® bricks at your request.

LEGO® is a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this site.

No, they are not assembled or pre-built. They do come with both digital step by step instructions AND video walkthrough tutorials to help you throughout the build.

We do offer custom designed 1 of 1 art as a commission service. If you are interested, please contact us at or in the contact us form on our website to get in touch.

Truthfully it depends! Number of pieces, build complexity, and your experience are all variables in time. Expect between 1 to 4 hours of building time for our larger sets.

The Moss Gardens don't collect much dust due to the outer layer of the bricks. If they don accumulate dust using a normal duster lightly gets the job done. The build is secure when built correctly to not fall apart with light dusting.

If you need to change address, product type, or anything else. Please contact us with the contact form in the bottom right of our website as soon as possible and we will help right away!

Cancellation of orders will only be accepted if before an order is processed and shipped. Please read our return policy for more info.